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Amina Blazer

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This 100% polyester blazer is a feast for the eyes! Bold fuchsia sets the stage, but the magic lies in the jacquard weave. This creates an intricate, textured pattern of purple flowers, adding depth and dimension to the garment. The high puff shoulders inject vintage-inspired drama, further amplifying its statement-making quality.


  • A dazzling fuchsia pink so bright, it almost glows.
  • Large, almost abstract purple¬†flowers reminiscent of tropical blooms.
  • Structured fit thanks to the high puff shoulders.
  • Typical of polyester, the blazer would have a smooth, slightly slick hand-feel.

Styling Possibilities:

  • This blazer could be dressed up with sleek pants or a skirt, or downplayed with light-wash jeans.

Color may vary slightly due to monitor resolution.